Product Review: Forex Real Profit EA


Here's real profit expert advisor, your new trustworthy trading robot that can score consistent profit with it's cutting edge technology, from invisible mode to news filter.





Mon ami, were you looking for a good Forex Expert Advisor that can automatically make money for you? Let me introduce you to Forex Real Profit EA, he's going to be your next best friend. Come, I'll tell you how this robot will make you happy with his wonders!

forex real profit EA


Hi, Forex Real Profit EA, Tell Us, What Makes You Great!

First thing first, you need to know that this trading robot has no physical body. For that reason, no handshake is required. But still, you need to know some of it perks and quirkiness to understand how it works.

Forex Real Profit EA comes with numerous notable features, namely "invisible mode" and "high impact news filter". Unlike most other trading robots, those two features supports consistent profit even when market volatility is on the rise. Neat, eh? Of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg! He has a ton more tiny features that simply can't be broken down in a single paragraph.

In that case, these following lists will help you to understand all the tiny details.


General Summary

  • General type: MT4 Expert Advisor with automatic market execution.
  • Specialization: Scalping and breakout on EUR/AUD, EUR/CAD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, GBP/CHF, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY.
  • Broker specification: There's no specific broker where this robot will perform best. However, you should prioritize ECN broker with tight spread.
  • Min. starting deposit: No restriction, but the developer of this bot recommended at least USD 150 to kickstart a live account with proper capital allotment.
  • Customer support: Real Profit Forex EA - Contact
  • Purchase method: US $ 199/year for each live account. Additionally, if you want to buy more bots, the price is cut down to $99/new live account.
  • Refund policy: Full refund policy for 30 days after the purchase date.
  • After Sales Service: you want to file a complain? Contact the developer or the customer service here.


The Perks

Here's all the perks that makes Forex Real Profit EA stands out among others:

  • You can use Forex Real Profit EA along with other trading bots. Yes, he's so friendly, even to other competing robots.
  • High impact news filter teaches this bot not to enter whimsical market during news release. Trust him, he can sense disaster way before it happens.
  • Invisible mode turns him into stealthy robot. By doing so, he sets invisible Stop Losses and Take Profits that naughty brokers can't even detect. Hasta la vista, Stop Loss hunters!
  • Dynamic Stop Losses and Take Profits. Forex Real Profit EA continuously re-adjust SL and TP to minimize losses while securing best possible profits.
  • Forex Real Profit EA protects your account from widening slippage and spread.


Show Us What You Can Do!

Here's the trading record that shows how Forex Real Profit EA performs:

forex real profit ea, trading record

Forex Real Profit EA trading history on MyFXBook. Click the picture the open the link

The trading history above is directly linked to a live account with IC Markets broker. As you can see, this account has booked 376% gains over the period from Juny 2013 to Jan 2017 (current post date). In other words, in over 4 years this trading robot (expert advisor) can potentially make you richer by four times as much!


So, Where's the Proof that This Expert Advisor Can Endure Volatile Market?

Can you recall what happened in 23rd June 2016? Yes, it was the day the "Brexit" referendum vote took place! At that day, GBP/USD plunged by 10%, what a massive loss! Not only that, it also cause ripple effect in macro-economic level, causing many other major pairs and save haven commodities to flail unexpectedly. Subsequently, many trader that deployed forex expert advisor failed hard and incurred deep losses. But not with Forex Real Profit EA!

Here's the proof! With the "High Impact News Filter" perks, Forex Real Profit EA cleverly gathered all the information before the disaster took place and then skipped it altogether!

forex real profit ea, brexit record

Forex Real Profit EA performance during volatile market. He avoided the market during Brexit!

See, a day before the "brexit" vote Forex Real Profit EA already raised the alarm. By the next day, he went offline and only awake again 5 days later, where the market already calmed down and ready to be plowed again.


The Final Verdict

Forex Real Profit EA promises potential great return and inherent safety nets. In essence, this expert advisor is geared toward conservative investor with a huge load of capital to work with while ensuring rock-solid, fortress-impenetrable, super-secure protocols! Cheers, mate!

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